Salient Features of Our Services

Apply loan from £100 to £1000 instantly
100% online application process
Instant loans - payday loans, liberty loans
No credit check in special cases
Quick processing & instant approval for short-term cash needs
Quick loans available for emergencies
Funds transferred directly into bank account
Loan Amount
£ 100
£ 200
£ 300
£ 400
£ 500
Repayment Amount
£ 124
£ 248
£ 372
£ 496
£ 620

The table above gives you a rough idea about your repayment amounts. This is purely for illustration purpose, based on a 30 day loan repayble in one repayment. For every £100 borrowed payday lenders charge an avergae of £ 24.

Money Solutions in UK

About Money Solutions in UK

We are one of the preferred online brokers for all your loan-related needs providing online loans in UK. We work in close collaboration with different government-licensed lenders in U.K. who lend money to seekers on some fixed/floating interest. As mentioned above, we are NOT the lenders, but a mediator (or an online broker) that can help you get quick and hassle-free loan within U.K. It is to be made very clear that your application does not guarantee loan at all or in part or at the aforesaid rate of interest. Loan approval entirely depends upon the sole discretion of associated lender(s). In addition, lenders may require some of your details that they would collect via e-mail or phone. We, as an operator of this portal, CANNOT make or take any decisions whatsoever on loan approval or extension.

We are one of the top agencies helping people get online loans in UK. We can help the seekers get quick loans at the least possible interest from various lenders. We can also help seekers get payday loans and liberty loans with no credit check required for smaller amounts, say £100. Money Solutions in UK is one of the preferred online payday loan portals to get instant loans of various denominations by thousands of people around UK.

As the representative annual percentage rate (APR) varies from lender to lender, it becomes the borrower's responsibility to go through all the terms and conditions of the lender you get matched to. It is also advised to read all the terms and conditions in the loan agreement very carefully before signing. Furthermore, your loan application does not guarantee you loan at all or at the aforementioned rates.

Implications & Consequences to Keep in Mind While Applying for Loan

Failure to Repay within Stipulated Time-Frame

Failure to repay the loan within deadline or stipulated time-frame attracts extra interest. In any such case, if it be, consult the lender directly without any delay to resolve the issue as soon as possible. A quick way out could be rescheduling of the loan or further discussion with the lender to settle credit without affecting the profile score.

Avoid Bad Credit Tags

Bad credit tags hamper your credit score more than you can imagine. Failure to repay in time would not only attract other financial problems like additional charges and penalties, but also hamper your overall credit score.

90-Day Tenure

Most of the lenders associated with us reserve all rights to withdraw payments from borrower's card after 90 days of due date for repayment. A clause related to this remains mentioned in the loan agreements.

General Checklist

  • Avoid lending money from external financial bodies until you are sure of your ability to repay in time.
  • Unexpected financial problem, if any, should be instantly reported to the lender to avoid any troubles.
  • Keep a note of repayment dates and try not to miss any.
  • Read the terms and conditions of loan agreement thoroughly before signing it.
  • One must understand that he/she will be charged penalties, extra fees or additional charges for loan extension or rescheduling.