How it Works

How to Apply?

Money Solutions in UK provides you a hassle-free loan application procedure. You just fill in a simple loan application form as accurately as possible to your knowledge, and submit the form. In addition to the basic info like e-mail ID, name, etc., you may also be asked to fill in details of your general day-to-day expenses. Thereafter, depending upon the type and duration of loan you have applied for (and filled in information), our system will send your form to lenders associated with us.

One Application Works for All

We have made the loan application procedure in UK absolutely hassle-free. In short, one form will suffice things from our end. With just one form, you will be able to apply effectively to all our associated lenders in one go. You do not need to apply separately for different kind of loans. Just fill in the form to the best of your knowledge, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our Charges

We do not charge anything from you. We act as a mediator between the lenders and the loan seekers, and are paid a minimal charge by the lenders for every loan process completed. In short, lenders pay us for any customers we send to them.

Types of Lenders Associated with Money Solutions in UK

We prefer working with reputed and certified lenders or agencies in UK and also suggest our customers to do the same. Neither we nor our associated lender(s)/institutions/agencies will leak your personal info out unless asked by law.

As our customers seek different kinds of loans, we have to keep ourselves associated with different kind of lenders. Most of our associates are payday lenders who offer short-term loans to be repaid in one installment. We are also associated with lenders who offer short-term personal loans with different repayment options. Whatever be your need in terms of loan, we have lenders for it. Just fill in the form with correct details and requirements, and we will take care of rest.

It is to be noted that, depending upon your application, lenders may sometimes offer you a loan of approximate value and not exactly what you filled in the form; this approximate value may be higher or lower than the amount you filled in the form.

While most of the loan applications going through us, if not all, are provisionally accepted, final acceptance is done only after further checks. You'll be notified via an e-mail regarding provisional acceptance of your application. Upon complete and final acceptance of application, you'll be e-mailed complete details of loan offer and directed to the lender's website where you would be able to read all the terms and conditions related to the loan agreement. In case you are agreeable to the terms and conditions, you'll be allowed to deal directly with the lender.

Please note that your offer may be valid for a limited time period, ranging from a single session to a few days. While some lenders keep the offers valid for good time period, others prefer the other way.

So, what are you waiting for? Seeking loan? Fill up the form and apply!

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